Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sew Furry

  I was inspired by our new dog Charlie to sew a sweet line of clothing accessories for Doggies. 
 Charlie has such a funny personality and sweet face I cant help but to accessories him when I take him and Louie (our second rescue dog)  out for his walks down town in Placerville CA. 
Long story short. We adopted Charlie from Uppity Pup a day care facility in Diamond Springs ca . Charlie owner went in for surgery and sadly did not pull through. He and his other doggie mate was staying at the U.P.and they needed to find the two of them homes Linda the owner tried to get them both adopted out but that didn't happen. Linda told me the story about Charlie and what had happen to his owner. Well Bob and I are such animals lovers we talked it over  and decided to adopt him. He now has a forever home.
After loosing our our beautiful dog Lucy last year we swore we would not get another dog .We have a special needs dog Louie a walled eyed pit bull with personality of a clown. Lucy and Louie were very good pals and he seemed so lonely and now we made two doggies happy and  we are so pleased that Louie and Charlie have become the best of friends. This is Happily every after !

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